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Omega Folding Bed

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Omega Folding Bed
Omega Folding Bed
• Wood Headboard Furniture
• Innersping Mattress
• Durable Construction
• Easily Folds Up
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Omega Folding Bed

The Omega Folding Bed is a smart and practical solution crafted for optimum comfort without sacrificing space. It's the perfect addition to any home seeking a balance between functionality and convenience.

This innovative bed offers a comfortable sleep solution that doesn't demand permanent space in your home. By day, it effortlessly folds away, freeing up valuable room space, and when night falls, it transforms into a cozy sleeping haven.

The key highlight of the Omega Folding Bed lies in its ability to effortlessly provide a restful night's sleep for both you and your guests without imposing on your living space. Its clever design ensures a seamless transition from a compact, stowed-away form during the day to a full-size comfortable bed at night. Never compromise on quality sleep, even when unexpected visitors arrive. The Omega Folding Bed guarantees a comfortable and supportive sleeping surface whenever and wherever needed. Its space-saving feature makes it a go-to option for smaller living spaces or multifunctional rooms.

• Open Size: 74"W x 36"D x 18"H
• Closed Size: 37"W x 20.6"D x 41.6"H
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Brand Istikbal Furniture
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