Sofas are an integral part of any home or commercial setting. The reason lies in the dexterity of their use and wide options available in modern sofas. Comfortable seating option, home décor item, an accent piece, or primary point of visual engagement in your living space – sofas do a lot more than you imagine! We continue to update this collection with modern, traditional, transitional, semi-classical, sectional, mid-century modern, contemporary, vintage, colonial and some outright artsy creations. There is a constant effort to widen the size, style, fabric, color and texture-based options. Some of our sofas are versatile, maximizing their use as seating options and accent pieces while others are simply meant to impress – their grandeur is overwhelming! Trending sofas from our latest collection include premium leather sofas, convertible 3 seat sleepers, sofa with chair bed and fabric sofas. From sectionals to Chesterfields, from settee-style & Lawson-style to those with cabrioles or chaise lounge seater, we continue to groom this list with the best in sofa styles. While pull-out sofas are a hands-on, space-conserving choice, loveseat-inspired creations create cozy seating options. If there is a trending, in-vogue sofa style out there, bank upon us to be the first to bring it online and offer the best-in-segment pricing on it! If there is something that grabs your attention but doubts persist, CALL US: 844-375-3700