Defining Ottomans is not difficult – subset to mainstays of living room furniture, they have a sturdy base and cushioned surface. Often referred to as Ottoman stools or Ottoman tables, these are handy furniture options, relevant for any living room size, space, or décor dynamics. Ottomans can be functional, help to bridge the gap between living room and dining spaces, sometimes sleek but usually life-sized in bright colors and a range of shapes and textures. Accent Ottomans help you add a pop of color to create an interesting contrast. Some folks prefer Ottomans as lightweight options for increasing seating capacity easily. Earlier Ottomans were used as footstools but today, they are function like side table, coffee table or extra seating space. They can be conveniently dragged to other rooms too, even to outdoor spaces like veranda or patio. To unify your room’s décor and its existing furniture, you can buy an Ottoman that complements the color scheme. You can use them individually or pair them with a sofa set. Available in various colors like charcoal, chocolate, dune, and pewter, our collection of Ottomans is rapidly increasing. Options include gliding, fringed, round tufted and pouf-like or Ottomans with trays. The new breed includes coffee table Ottomans that are less puffy, with a flattish surface. Cannot find an Ottoman? Just Call us at 844-375- 3700 – we are here to HELP!