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Meridian Candace Velvet Bed in Navy

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Candace Bed Blue
Meridian Candace Velvet Bed in Navy
• Navy Velvet Fabric
• Deep Detailed Channel Tufting
• Acrylic Legs
• Solid Wood Frame
Meridian Porter Canopy Bed in White Velvet

Meridian Porter Canopy Bed in White Velvet

Meridian Candace Velvet Bed in Grey

Meridian Candace Velvet Bed in Grey

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Candace Full Size Bed
Candace Queen Size Bed
Candace King Size Bed
Candace Twin Size Bed
Meridian Candace Velvet Bed in Navy

Indulge in opulence with the Candace Bed from Meridian Furniture, a true embodiment of sophistication and allure. This exquisite piece seamlessly blends elegance and visual appeal, making it the quintessential choice for elevating the ambiance of any bedroom. Adorned in sumptuous velvet, the bed boasts a deep Channel tufted design that not only exudes luxury but also adds depth and texture to the overall aesthetic. The rich texture of the velvet invites touch, creating a sensory experience that complements the bed's stunning visual presence.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Candace Bed ensures a harmonious balance between strength and beauty. The robust solid wood frame provides a sturdy foundation, ensuring longevity and durability. This combination of resilience and refined design makes the Candace Bed a timeless investment, promising enduring allure that withstands the test of time. Supported by sleek acrylic legs, the bed achieves a modern and airy look, further enhancing its overall appeal. The juxtaposition of the luxurious velvet, solid wood frame, and acrylic legs creates a captivating synergy that defines the Candace Bed as a statement piece in the realm of bedroom furnishings.

Immerse yourself in the lap of luxury as you recline on the Candace Bed, a masterpiece that transcends mere furniture to become an icon of tasteful living. With its rich keywords of velvet, Channel tufted design, solid wood frame, and acrylic legs, this bed encapsulates the essence of refined living, offering a sanctuary of style and comfort. Elevate your bedroom to new heights of sophistication with the Candace Bed, where every detail is a testament to the artistry and craftsmanship that defines Meridian Furniture's commitment to excellence.

• Full Size Bed: 81"L x 59"W x 65"H
• Queen Size Bed: 86"L x 65"W x 65"H
• King Size Bed: 86"L x 80"W x 65"H
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Brand Meridian furniture
SizeFull, King, Queen
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