Drafting Tables are a multipurpose desk, equally suitable for artists, engineers, and architects. Our drafting tables have an adjustable surface that allows the workers to work in a convenient and more efficient manner. These tables help you organize all your work and are available with lots of storage space. We at Get.Furniture understand the need for these tables in specialized jobs. These reasonably priced drafting tables come equipped with practical features like a lip to prevent your stationary from falling off the edges. They also feature height adjustable frames to make quick adjustments according to your personal requirements.

Our drafting tables are available in a variety of finishes. Look no further than our comprehensive collection for all your drafting table needs. With glossy and side compartment trays, our tables are certainly a class apart.

Our assortment of thoughtfully designed drafting tables is sure to impress you. We are constantly updating our collection to meet your every demand. Need a word on the choice of the table? Don’t hesitate to call us at 844-375-3700 – we are here to help you shop better!