Waste Baskets

Our range of tray top waste baskets offers an excellent waste disposal solution for indoor spaces with high traffic, like restaurants, food courts, offices, hospitals etc. Our waste baskets when combined with tray storage provide a single convenient unit for your staff or guests to throw the leftover food and other kinds of waste inside the waste baskets and leave their trays on the top. These waste baskets are easy to clean and are sturdy enough to withstand everyday rugged usage. The large size options can hold up to 36 gallons of garbage. Front door allows for quick and easy trash removal. The ''Thank You'' text encourages people to place trash in the receptacle and helps in keeping your surroundings clean and tidy. Made from the finest quality wood and available in finishes like Mahogany and Oak, our waste baskets look very sophisticated and match the modern interiors of your office, restaurant, or food court with perfection. Easy to clean and maintain, our range of durable waste baskets is a must have for every high traffic area that needs to be kept clean and presentable all the time.