Trucks & Dollies

These dollies and trucks are of great help in moving your folding chairs and tables quickly and easily from one place to another. The offerings in this section are designed to keep your stuff well-protected against any accidents during transit. Our trucks and dollies are available in a wide range and choosing the right one is important to move your equipment safely and professionally.

The impressive selection of hand trucks and dollies offered by us is perfect for transporting crates, boxes, chairs, machinery or any other load, which requires machinery for lifting or moving. Each of these products come equipped with either four or six wheels under them as we understand that putting a set of wheels under any load makes it easy to shift items that cannot be handled manually.

Made with the best quality steel, our range of dollies is sturdy enough to handle daily wear and tear. It is designed with a tall handle, which makes it easy to push, pull and guide for a care-free walk. Our collection of trucks and dollies is available in various finishes like black metal, black powder coat, red powder coat etc.

Get.Furniture has a huge selection of trucks and dollies available in all sizes, color finishes and different features, which are required to lift different items. Explore our wide range to make lifting and shifting of load quicker and easier. For any further help or query call us at 844-375-3700.