Presentation & Display

A plain whiteboard makes your meeting room, conference room or playroom a dull and boring place. However, a well-accessorized whiteboard gathers a lot of attention and makes your meetings or learning sessions more interesting and fun. Our collection of magnetic marker boards lets you attach notes using magnets, making the understanding of things easier and better. Dry-ease presentation boards not only convey your thoughts in a presentable way but also let your ideas and plans to come to life when you jot down all the points on a presentation board. This whiteboard allows you to write your ideas, highlight the important details, color code various points and then easily erase everything when you are done. Available in small size for a personal or a small classroom use as well as in larger size for professional meetings in big rooms, dry-ease boards fulfill all your presentation needs. Our magnetic whiteboards are sturdy and are designed using tough surfaces, which withstand daily rough handling easily. Designed with aluminum frame and porcelain base, our range of magnetic whiteboards is resistant to stains and scratches. They include a full length accessory try, which provides a dedicated space for markers and erasers for a hassle-free presentation. These accessory trays also include rubber stoppers that prevent items from falling. No matter which type of whiteboard you are looking for, we have an option for you for use in your next presentation.