Bathroom Vanities

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Highly functional bathrooms mated with installations that are artsy, decorative and décor-friendly – this is perhaps how we define modern bathroom spaces. Invariably these spaces need smartly chosen vanities. Our collection of Italian Bathroom Vanities represent the finest grade in this niche. Expect genuine made-in-Italy creations or those designed by Italian artisans. The range is utilitarian too but more exotic in essence. These bathroom vanities feature floating vanity bases with attached hook system, making them apt for small and big bathrooms. Installation and user-friendly, they are ideal for commercial and residential use. We assure you durable bathroom vanities, some with 1mm thick edges and additional rubber insulation for an additional layer of protection. From pedestal sinks to free-standing vanities, from vanity vessel sinks to under-mounted bathroom cabinets, we have created an exciting collection of classic and contemporary bathroom accessories. Expect features like shatter-proof mirrors, built-in sinks with laminated counters and other exotic textures. These are functional designs that add glamor to the bathroom without compromising durability or safety of usage.